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The strong red colour represents the passion of Love and is considered one of the four precious stones of the world.

The strong red colour represents the passionof Love and is considered one of the four precious stones of the world.


Blue Sapphire

The deep blue brings a touch of royalty to every jewellery collection, known as the perfect wedding anniversary gemstone.


Pink Sapphire

The beautiful pink sapphire has traditionally been a popular choice amongst Royalty, exuding vitality and femininity.



The most valuable of all gems, its deep green has enchanted the hearts of women since Cleopatra. It is considered one of the precious stones of the world.



The pure and fresh colour of the Aquamarine gives it the name ‘Water of the Sea’ and is said to bring serenity to those who wear it.


Imperial Topaz

Meaning ‘Fire’ this gemstone can range in colour from yellow, pink, orange, reflecting your personality and style.



This stunning gemstones has a rich and brilliant array of colours earning its way into the British Crown Jewels.


Green Tourmaline

The deep green colour is believed to bring joy to those who wear it and is considered one of the most valuable colours in the tourmaline family


Pink Tourmaline

Its deep pink colour makes it the most popular large pink gemstone and looks fantastic amongst diamonds


Blue Tourmaline

A strong and clear radiant blue tourmaline is rare and desired by many, making it a spectacular choice in gemstone for that special piece of jewellery.


Rubelite Tourmaline

The rarity and richness in colour of a rubelite sets it apart from other tourmalines, this gemstone is believed to bring courage and power to those lucky enough to own one.


Yellow Tourmaline

An intensely coloured yellow tourmaline is considered very rare, they are sometimes called canary tourmalines because of their fantastic colouring


Multi-Coloured Tourmaline

The range of colours and natural watermelon shade makes this a beautiful unique and lively gemstone for jewellery.


Tsavorite Garnet

First found in 1967 in the north-east Mountains of Tasmania, this stone is said to protect and preserve health and honour.


Mandarin Garnet

This gemstone has exceptional brilliance and reflection of light, eye catching sparkle in any piece of jewellery. Its bold and unusual colour is perfect for someone who likes something exceptional and exclusive.


Rhodolite Garnet

Known for its resemblance of the pomegranate seed with its abundant red arils and size the Rhodolite garnet is said to bring health and cheerfulness.


Demantoid Garnet

This beautiful deep green gemstone was discovered in 1868 in Russia’s western mountains and has been named the Green Dragon in many cultures.



This unique and highly desired gemstone reflects colours that change with the light, rich and powerful green when the sun touches it and deep red with the light of night.



Its olive green has been a desired stone since 1500 B.C and deeply connected with ancient Egypt, this gemstone is known as the “Evening Emerald”



The pale violet pink of the Kunzite it said to heal a broken heart, with its delicate and feminine glow this gemstone is perfect for a touch of glamour.



Simple, elegant and timeless, the Pearl never loses its style with class from the depth of the Ocean.



A dazzling brilliance and soft colours ranging from pale pink to a lovely warm peach.



A very rare gemstone, Tansanite can only be found near Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, its strong purple and blue colour is a spectacular choice for any piece of jewellery.